My family is rare—we are a house divided when it comes to college basketball in North Carolina. We are part Duke and part Carolina. But when I see this particular photo I see myself in the sandwich generation. Mom moved closer to me so I could better attend to her needs. I visited almost daily …


Here’s How You Can Help Older Adults Live Independently

For older adults, living independently necessitates adequate planning and often additional support. While a recent National Poll on Healthy Aging shows that most individuals aged 50 and above want to keep living in their current homes, most are ill-prepared for “aging in place.” Notably, a substantial number of those surveyed may also struggle paying for …

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Sacred Encounters

A few years ago, while walking on the beach early one morning, I saw a beautiful, nearly full moon fading in the sky. Just before the moon dropped below the horizon, the sun peaked over the ocean in all its glory. I’ve walked on the beach a lot, but this was the first time I’d …

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