Affiliate E-Exchange

The SCA Network has vast experience, which is easy to tap through our E-Experience Exchange Center. Hundreds of useful documents, helpful samples, and easy-to-use templates are available to create efficiency in the operation and management of your affiliate.

From examples of volunteer job descriptions to fundraising letters to policies and procedures that are easily adaptable to your organization, SCA’s E-Experience Exchange is designed to help your community affiliate learn from others, share your successes, and save you time. Do you have great samples to share? Ideas that really worked that you want to contribute to the exchange? We welcome your additions to the E-Exchange! To share a template or idea from your center, contact us at

Join a network of faith and community-based organizations representing diverse religious and social service groups that provide meaning and purpose for older adults. We embody the universal principles of compassion, cooperation and service to others. The SCA Network is dedicated to improving the quality of life as we age through supportive programs and services, personal enrichment and volunteer engagement that enable our senior neighbors to live full and productive lives while aging in place.

Together, we can alleviate isolation and loneliness through our services and raise awareness of who we are and what we do in the community.