Volunteer Transportation

You never know how crucial transportation is until you lose the ability to drive. This happens to countless older adults across the nation every day, leaving them feeling stressed and concerned.

Enter Shepherd’s Center, where volunteer drivers from our affiliates across the country are dispatched every day to help those who have lost the ability to drive get to important medical care, shop for groceries and prescriptions, run errands, and participate in vital social and leisure activities. Our volunteers help their riders get in and out of their homes, help them with walkers or wheelchairs, and even assist with packages. All for free.

Ask any of our riders: this free volunteer-provided service represents far more than just a ride. Valuable conversations and interactions occur, friendships form, and worries are eased when other, often costly, transport would otherwise need to be arranged. In countless cases, the relationship and bond that develops between riders and volunteers extends for years.

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