Who We Are

Shepherd’s Centers of America is a network of faith and community-based organizations—representing diverse religious and social service groups—that provide meaning and purpose for older adults. As an interfaith collaboration, Shepherd’s Centers of America embodies the universal principles of compassion, cooperation, and service to others.


Our mission is focused on creating meaningful opportunities for service, lifelong learning, individual well-being and independent living designed by, with and for older adults through an interfaith network of community-based organizations. 


Our vision is to transform the concept of aging into an empowering experience for living a life of meaning...for today's and future generations.


Our values are rooted in the philosophy of what all religions and people have a common—a responsibility to do good and help others. We seek to provide all individuals with meaningful experiences for personal growth and self-expression; for healthy, active lifestyles; for social and recreational opportunities to build friendships. By helping our neighbors, we help our communities. 

Meet Our Leaders

Shepherd's Centers of America has a committed team of volunteer and staff leaders around the country to support and enhance the efforts of our network centers and the older adults engaged in our programs. 

Discover Our History

For 45 years, Shepherd's Centers have promoted aging in community. Whether through support services that help older adults remain independent or meaningful activities that build social connections, we are leading the way for generations of Americans.

Find A Center
The Shepherd's Centers nationwide network of community affiliates serves 168,000 older adults each year with endless opportunities to continue growing and enjoying life. Together, we raise awareness of the national conversation to end ageism. 


5559 NW Barry Rd.

Box #333

Kansas City, MO 64154



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