What  We Do

Our programs and services are creating a brighter today and better tomorrow for all generations with opportunities for older adults to take on new challenges, learn new skills, make new friends, and serve others.

And because each Shepherd's Center addresses the specific needs of its community, no two Shepherd's Centers are exactly alike. Some Shepherd's Centers social models (focusing on educational enrichment programs), some are service models (providing services such as transportation or friendly visitors at no charge to older adults) and some are both. 



Adventures In Learning

Explore our signature lifelong learning programs -- designed for personal growth and enrichment. 

Volunteer Transportation

Transportation is a key activity to continue living in one's home. Learn more about our award-winning volunteer transportation services.  

Support Services

Most older adults want to live in their own homes and communities.  Often all that's needed is a little support from a helpful volunteer.  

Health and
Physical activity, good nutrition and strengthening connections with others are the keys to lifelong health and vitality. 
Social Enrichment

Reducing isolation and connecting older adults to community improves health and well-being. These relationships with others enhance a sense of belonging.

Volunteer Service

Volunteers experience more than the personal satisfaction of giving back. It's common to hear volunteers say they get more from the experience than they give. 


5559 NW Barry Rd.

Box #333

Kansas City, MO 64154



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