Volunteer Service

You’re never too old – or young – to volunteer! Shepherd’s Center’s model is a unique and special one founded, in part, on older adults volunteering time in service to their peers.

For older adults at that unique place in life where they are called to give back and still can, volunteering with their local Shepherd’s Center is an energizing way to do something worthwhile for someone else. Whether it’s an hour every couple of months or a regular daily activity, our volunteers make new and lasting friendships, routinely enjoy new experiences, and stay physically and mentally healthy by giving back.

Volunteer opportunities vary from center to center. But all opportunities are flexible to each person’s schedule. And an array of choices means there is something for every interest:

  • Volunteer caregiving: Give someone who can’t drive a ride to medical appointments, the grocery store, or an exercise class. Or visit or call on someone who isn’t able to get out very much just to say hello. Or lend a hand and help with chores or small household maintenance projects.
  • Volunteer instructor: Share your expertise by leading an Adventures in Learning or wellness class.
  • Volunteer administration: Provide office help, technology support, or board or committee leadership to develop programs to meet the needs of the community.
  • Special projects: Help coordinate and implement community fundraising or social events.
  • Intergenerational volunteering: Tutor or mentor children or teens, or participate in multigenerational service activities.

Shepherd’s Center volunteers come from all faiths and walks of life and include retirees, executives, families and even kids and teens. Each shares a common desire to help others.

Learn more about volunteering at a Shepherd’s Center near you.