Thank you for your gift! 

Thank you! Shepherd’s Centers of America relies on the generous and caring support of donors like you. Because of you, older adults are living healthier, happy lives. Your gift allows us to sustain this support and help us serve even more older Americans – whether its an urgent need for transportation, offering a little help with household chores, or facilitating meaningful opportunities to explore new interests. We are most grateful! 

One of the inspiring older women in our program experienced an enormous change when she gave up driving. As the caregiver for her husband with Alzheimer’s, she needed help with transportation for medical appointments so that they could continue to live in the same house they called home for more than 55 years. For many older adults, this loss of independence leads to many more changes that increase loneliness and depression. But with the caring support of volunteer neighbors, this happily married couple is staying connected to what matters most – their home and friends.

With donations like yours, we can continue to give older adults the support of a warm and caring community that will sustain them throughout their later years of life. ​Thank you so much for your donation! Your gift will truly make a difference.


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