Social Enrichment

Day trips. Choral groups. Holiday parties. Overnight getaways. Dances. Museum stops. Intergenerational activities. Book Clubs.
Every week one of our nearly 60 affiliates hosts a life-changing, socially-enriching program for the older adults they serve. These trips and activities connect and engage them in learning, reduce feelings of isolation, and cultivate an active lifestyle and new friendships.

Because our social enrichment programs are designed and driven by older adults at the helm, the Shepherd’s Center model stands apart from other models where decisions are made by the organization. We call this empowerment and the result is real.

As anyone stepping off the bus from the last day trip, museum stop, or holiday party: our programs and services are deeply meaningful, memorable, and participants love the abundant opportunities for socializing, learning, and living a life of meaning.

Sign up for or volunteer for social enrichment programming at a Shepherd’s Center near you