Support Services

Up to 90% of older adults say they prefer to remain living in their home. With a little help, it is very possible for older adults to continue living in their homes and community. Help is available in many forms: assistance around the house to change light bulbs or alarm batteries; help to unclog a drain or install a handrail in the bathroom; shopping for groceries or delivering meals; help with yard work or minor home repairs; or simply a friendly call or visitor to check-in that things are okay. Other support services might include help in resolving fraud or advocacy.


Living in one's own residence affords control and decision-making, which impact self-esteem and quality of life. The goal is to ensure older adults are lively safely and as independent as possible. Additionally, this support promotes social inclusion in the community. Often, community-based support services prevent or delay placement in long-term care options.


There is a vast range of support services. To learn about what is in your community, contact your local Shepherd's Center. 



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