Adventures in Learning

Adventures in Learning is our signature program, with nearly all of our affiliate organizations offering college-type courses and cultural enrichment workshops focused on helping older adults continue to learn, discover, and grow. Experience one of these classes and it’s impossible not to see and feel the incredible enthusiasm for lifelong learning attendees share.

Sessions are led by class instructors who themselves are mostly retired older adults or community experts who bring their special interests and backgrounds to enrich lives and keep minds strong and vibrant. Each Adventures in Learning session is developed by a local committee of Shepherd’s Center volunteers based on the interests and needs of older adults in each community. Subjects cover a range of topics: computer and technology, finance, literature, music and art appreciation, world religion, “how-to,” politics, current events, historical events and figures, foreign languages, and much more.

These outstanding courses and topics – coupled with unforgettable content and camaraderie – keep attendees coming back year after year and decade after decade, making this program among our most popular.

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