Adventures in Learning

At the heart of Shepherd’s Centers is the desire to continue learning and growing.  Our signature Adventures in Learning supports personal growth and discovery with college-type courses, cultural enrichment workshops, hobby and recreational opportunities.


Most class instructors are retired older adults, with a number of special interests presented by community experts. Participants share a common enthusiasm for lifelong learning. The outstanding courses and camaraderie keep them coming back.


Each Adventures in Learning session is developed by a committee of Shepherd’s Center volunteers based on the interests and needs of older adults in that community. Subjects cover a wide range of topics: computer and technology, finance, literature, music and art appreciation, world religion, “how-to,” politics, current events, historical events and figures, foreign languages, hobbies, and so much more.


5559 NW Barry Rd.

Box #333

Kansas City, MO 64154



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